Who We Are

Artlarking Founder and Co-Director Alison Dale was surrounded with art from an early age, growing up in her parent’s ethnographic art gallery in Santa Fe, NM.  She experimented with many media types throughout her formative years, and sold her first drawing (of a London double-decker bus) when she was five.   Although she always knew she’d be an artist, she took a detour to study anthropology and international development at Tulane University in New Orleans with the lofty goal of understanding and saving the world.  This track led her to live in Brazil and China and travel to numerous other locales, during which time she realized that 1) the world didn’t necessarily need to be saved, and 2) creative self expression, in all its forms, is what truly defines humanity and connects seemingly disparate people.  After moving to San Francisco in 2008, she worked in the Education and Public Programs department at the DeYoung Museum and in online marketing at Link TV, and soon after decided to start Artlarking, an open community for creatives to share their work and ideas online and in real life.  Alison enjoys making artsy video projections for bands and performers, finger-picking her ukulele over a cup of oolong tea, collaborative collages with friends and strangers,  and papier-mache monsters. See her art here.

Artlarking Co-Founder Don Cadora is a marketing consultant for creative business. He works with a variety of local artists and companies including Paxton Gate, a unique  retailer of treasures, oddities, and ephemera in San Francisco’s Mission District. He’s also worked on mainstream campaigns for brands like Sprint, Circle Bank, Clover-Stornetta, and more.  A musician, journalist, and video producer, Don’s passions include Kung-Fu, Surfing, and Collaborative Technology.

Visual Art Director Denise Bennett knew she wanted to study art the first time she laid eyes on a Mondrian. The idea that grids, shapes and primary colors could be so significant boggled her mind. She has her bachelor’s in Art History, edited the art section of her undergraduate literary review, coordinated “Play Me, I’m Yours” by Luke Jerram for the 2010 01SJ Biennial, and has worked with both commercial and non-commercial galleries. Perhaps it’s needless to say, but she is always searching for new artistic endeavors. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing with her good friends (read: people who she trusts won’t drop her to her death).

Culinary Director Kristina C. Mody lives in San Francisco. She likes to write, cook, and write about cooking, and gets to indulge in both over at Another Freaking Cooking Blog. She’s a recovering English major, so is in the middle of three books at any given time. Her resolutions for 2011 are to bake a passable pie crust from scratch and improve her (admittedly wretched) bowling game.

Music Director Andrew Egli graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s in English Lit and has lived in the SF for just over 2 years.  He has been promoting/producing live music since high school, hosting shows at his dad’s blue-collar workspace in Bend, OR, affectionately known as “the Paintshop” on fliers and in local ‘zines. His band, Stop Animation, shared the venue with other popular (mostly in-state) acts such as Kaddisfly, Ever We Fall, Our Friend the Plague and the Empty.  After graduation from college he once again made a point to involve himself with booking and promoting live music. He got a job at Epicenter Café here in SF, where he was able to achieve this goal in a small-scale DIY format. At Epicenter he booked local artists Finest Dearest, Jonah Matranga (of Far and Onelinedrawing), Daikon, Street Pyramids, Red Light Circuit, J. Ward, Seabright, Ghosts & Strings and Party Owl before the venue was forced to cease its practices in live music due to noise complaints.

Dance Director Hilary Palanza graduated cum laude with a BA in dance from Colorado College in 2006. Palanza studied dance intensively for a semester at the University of Arizona, and additionally under master teachers and performers at the summer Bates College Dance Festival and the American College Dance Festival.  She is a certified dance teacher from the National Dance Institute in New York, and has directed programs and taught classes to children and adults in New York, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, California, India and Arizona.  Palanza danced professionally with the David Herrera Performance Company for three years in San Francisco.  She now is the founder and artistic director of Palanza Dance, a company of eight dancers who rehearse and perform in the Bay Area (www.palanzadance.com).  Palanza co-curated her first multi-media show in 2008 at the Lobot Art Collective.  Palanza also paints, creates dance films and has been known to do the occasional “dancing with paint” solo performances.  Her recent collaborative processes: dance for music videos. She is looking forward to her first “artist in residence” experience at the Colorado College this summer where she will create work on a group of Taiwanese performers.  Palanza loves to critique dance and is newly studying and practicing dance therapy with disabled children in San Francisco.  She still wants to learn how to hang upside down by her toes, but, all in good time.

Fashion/Mixed Media Director Rae Rubio is an artist currently based in San Francisco.  She works in photography, mixed media painting, 3-d sculpture, crafting, healthy cooking, etc. and is a current student at San Francisco Art Institute.  She loves experiencing life in every aspect and supporting and promoting the art community + healthy living.

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