Featured Artist: Jorge Tellaeche

Jorge Tellaeche is an artist currently living in Mexico City, Mexico. His biotic line work and vibrant bright, pastel colors consists of a combustible, lively interpretation of dreamlike disorderly landscapes.

Rae: Any self portrait photo of u?

Jorge: Yeah I did one for my last solo show called “Animals R Honest” @ Medellin 174 gallery . Its of me turning into an animal with deer horns. 🙂

Rae: I’ve been checking out your latest work on your blog. What would you say about these latest series you’ve posted?

Jorge: Uffff that they are very different. I like the challenge of changing the direction of my work when I get too comfortable doing, what I am doing. But anyway, the new series is all about me reflecting on what kind of person I want to be, so they are these kids that are somewhat illuminated, and have an amazing connection and clarity with nature and other kids. Its like a lost tribe, thats why its called “the lost boys and girls”

Rae: Describe your process while making a piece.

Jorge: Its hard to explain, because it changes between pieces. But I am usually working on a acrylic piece and on the side some watercolor drawings or some ink. So there is no real strict way of working for me.

Rae: Looking at your work, you bring a really soft, vibrant graphic art to your style? It gives your artwork an inviting feeling? What inspires your work these days?

Jorge: Well I studied graphic design, so I have that buried in my roots, and I think it makes the paining more current, and it communicates to our generation. Yeah, I like my art work to be pieces that you can live with and enjoy for many years or generations, and that the dialogue with the piece can constantly develop and grow into different directions.
What inspires me? …. well everything I think, I am very influenced by my emotions so with that I involve all of my friends, and people that surround me that make me feel different things. Also by my surroundings, colors, forms, textures.

Rae: How is your studio working routine? Time of day? Any great music you’ve been listening to lately?

Jorge: hahaha no routine, I am a MESS … I can paint in the day or night, it depends on my other activities that day, but I do try to work every day. Music is tremendously important to me and my work…. I have a very eclectic ear so I don’t listen to just one type of music, but lately I have been feeling my studio with the sounds of Lhasa De Sela, Foals, Chris Garneau, Bon Iver, Architecture In Helsinki , and many many others 🙂

Rae: What do you love most about being an artist living in Mexico City?

Jorge: Well Mexico City has a huge amount of energy, it lets you work as hard as you want and go as far as you can…and I like that in a city, to always ask more of me.

Rae: Are you a full time artist? or do you have a day job as well?

Jorge: I am a full timer! 😉

Rae: Any upcoming project, trips, shows coming up for you?

Jorge: Yeah, I have been busier than any other year. I am reviving a functional art project that involves furniture called twig, I am going in December to SF, LA, SD and TJ and then early next year I am going for two months to Berlin… and as for shows, I have a collective show called minimart with Fifty24 gallery in Mexico city, and a solo show in Mexico city in April that I am working like crazy for.

Rae: Nice. What is the most inspiring, exciting moment you had in your art career so far?

Jorge: It always keeps getting better….one tops the other

Rae: So you have lived in San Diego before? What made you decide to move to Mexico City?

Jorge: Yeah I was living between TJ and SD for many very comfortable and fun years. I decided to move because I love big chaotic cit, and Mexico city is one of my favorite places in the world.

Rae: You’ve done a lot of commercial art, do you think that has influenced your process of making art in any way?

Jorge: Not really, all the commercial work that I have done has been with creative license, so I don’t really have to change what I am doing or how I do it.

Rae: Favorite place traveled so far? And why?

Jorge: Berlin, thats why I am going back! It has a freedom that you can feel that I love.

Rae: Any artist you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Jorge: Yeah, there are many that I completely respect. I would love to do something with Kelsey Brookes, Dr. Lacra (even though he is really dark) , Sergio Mora… and I can go on ….

Rae: Any amazing places/spots that you would suggest to check out to someone traveling to Mexico City?

Jorge: Depends on your mood and personality, but for sure the pyramids are a must see, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Condesa-Roma is a nice neighborhood to eat, drink and walk around. And JESUS CHRIST the food is amazing anywhere you go heheheh.

Rae: You’ve also done street art, thinking about doing more?

Jorge: Yeah, I would not consider myself a street artist because I haven’t done enough, but I did start last year wen I started my collaboration with Adidas. Since then, I have been doing a lot of murals….and I have to say that I love it… Its fun and it’s a great way to communicate with a larger audience … I would love to do one in San Diego in December!!!! HINT HINT heheheh

Rae: Yeah, you should totally do a mural in San Diego! Any advice you would give to other artists?

Jorge: I don’t feel I am old enough to give other artist advice hehehe … but maybe I can say that there are no rules in this biz, everybody has their own rhythm and timing, don’t get discourage if its a slow start. OH and stay passionate

Rae: Thank you for the interview Jorge, hope to see more from you in the future.

Check out his website at http://www.tellaeche.com
twitter: jorge_tellaeche

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