Cocktail Culture

Evening dress, 1939 (Elizabeth Hawes)

If you’re fortunate to be in the neighborhood of the Rhode Island School of Design before July 31, do us all a favor and check out the “Cocktail Culture” exhibit, running until July 31.

The collection focuses on the fashion and design of “cocktailing” – referring to early prohibition (1920) to the early 1980s.

There are beautiful examples of barware, sleek interpretations of shakers and tumblers that evoke modern American skyscrapers.

And how could you have cocktail hour without the eponymous dress? My favorite is Elizabeth Hawes’ 1939 gown, which looks like an elegant olive.

The exhibit only runs for another month, but check out the museums’ image sheet and a historical rundown here. It’ll drive you to drink in the most positive way.

Cocktail shaker, 1928

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