Make a Short Film this July for the 3-Minute Picture Show!

What are you doing for the month of July?  When August 1 rolls around, will you have anything to say for yourself?  The answer will be a resounding “Yes!”  if you participate in the Three Minute Picture Show, a SF and Portland, Oregon- based filmmaking project, now in its 10th year.  It was started in a warehouse in Oakland by Chris Baty, the man who brings us National Novel Writing Month (every November), inspired by the success of the idea that deadlines have the potential to inspire great creative feats.

Third place film from 2010:
The point of the project is to “inspire uncritical creativity”.  And although there are no prizes and it’s “easy enough” to make a film without their motivation and post it on Youtube, the Three Minute Picture show has been successful due to the fact that they provide a deadline, a goal, and motivation along the way.  They also provide a fun event where you can screen your film- a Black Tie Gala that will take place in SF on August 27 at the Victoria Theatre on 16th St.
The project also welcomes submissions from kids ages 6-17: the “Twinkling To-Do” is now in it’s second year.  (Out of the films I’ve seen from past years, I personally like the kids’ better than the adults’!):
First place kids’ film from 2010:
Sign up in the next couple of days, and get your creativity on in July!  I’ve already registered and have a puppety plan up my sleeve…
Support Three Minute Picture Show at IndieGoGo, ‘like’ them on Facebook, or
Sign up to make your own movie here.
*The Three Minute Picture Show site also has a list of Film-School resources that’s pretty exhaustive- so if you’re intimidated by jumping right into production, check out one of these classes:

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