artMRKT: Connecting with Expansive Art Communities

artMRKT, San Francisco Concourse Center. May 21, 2011.

I spent part of my weekend representing ZER01 at artMRKT, a large scale fine air fair at the Concourse Center in San Francisco. I only attended one of the three days, but would have needed the entire weekend to see everything artMRKT had to offer.

There were many recognizable Bay Area fine art galleries representing equally notable artists. In addition, there were a handful of galleries from New York, Miami, and even one from London exhibiting their world class artists.

However, what struck me about artMRKT just as much as the notable artworks were the people!

The people in attendance were not just collectors, curators and gallerists. On the contrary, I observed people of all ages, backgrounds and interests flooding in to the Concourse Center.

The common denominator was that most people came to spend a day being surrounded by artworks they wouldn’t normally have access to while spending time with friends and fellow art lovers. A few people I chatted with at the ZER01 table expressed a desire to be more connected in the San Francisco art scene. I spoke with a number of people who had come up from Los Angeles for the weekend, and even a few who were transplants from LA trying in search of SF’s artistic communities.

We’ve all felt the same way at some point in time. We know San Francisco has a lot of offer, but where are the answers? Artlarking is getting at the heart of that matter, and hopes to connect more and more people who have a shared love of the arts and collaboration.

The cure for feeling disconnected from your SF art scene? I was happy to give out the prescription this weekend: Get connected with Artlarking and make it to artMRKT next year. There are plenty of people there just like you.

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