Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Call for submissions! GOOD Challenges You to Redesign the Food Label.

Is this easy for you to read?

Food labels are confusing, fact. I personally experienced this recently when, during a particularly busy week, I treated myself to one of those “inspiration waters”– you know, the ones that claim that they will increase the intelligence of your unborn children. Or whatever.

Little did I realize, until deciphering the label, that I had consumed 400 calories and almost half my recommended sugar for the day! Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t make that choice again (’cause I probably would; it was delicious), but having a clearer nutrition label would make the whole process easier. And with childhood obesity on the rise in the US, it’s not an isolated issue anymore.

(Image courtesy of Good Magazine)

One solution? GOOD magazine is calling on artists and designers to see if they can come up with a better food label. Check out the details on the contest page here. Submissions are open until July 1. So get cracking!!