Famous Artists’ Kitchens

Even the most spartan-living artist has to eat sometime. I had been thinking recently about famous artists’ kitchens. I’ve rounded up a few pictures below; it’s an interesting mix of simple to opulent.

Monets kitchen courtesy lagrandemaisongreenleafgarfield.blogspot.com

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Claude Monet’s home in Giverney, France. He painted the grounds (especially the lilies) extensively, but never paid any attention to his lovely, blue-tiled kitchen. It’s staggering to see in person, and a great reflection of his use of colors and textures. (I would wager that Monet himself never cooked there though).

Fridao Kahlo's kitchen, courtesy proggirl's Flickr

Frida Kahlo’s kitchen is just as colorful and vibrant as her paintings. There are traditional Mexican tools, masks, baskets and urns. The room expresses her art’s balance between the familiar and the exotic.

Georgia OKeefes kitchen, courtesy santafetravelers.com


Georgia O’Keefe painted the American Southwest from her home in Abiqulu, New Mexico. Her kitchen, available as part of her house tour, displays 1950s cookery and gadgetry to suggest she was a true cook, in addition to being a formidable artist.

Francis Bacons kitchen, courtesy sebastianguinnessgallery.com

I can’t imagine Francis Bacon as a gourmand, and his kitchen doesn’t look like an easy place to cook. It does look like he chose to place prints for inspiration all over his London apartment.

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