The DIY education: Part 1

“I went to a prestigious private university in New York and all I got was this crappy diploma”

…Art School. What are you really getting? Higher education in general for creative people is a mixed bag. Consider the cost of the education (possibly up to $100,000, including cost of living) itself and the time invested in it (2-6 years depending on your level of desired education) is it really worth what you get? The point of this series of posts is not to disparage higher education, but to:

  • provide people with an idea of the actual costs of higher education for creatives
  • the actual benefits of higher education
  • help people find ways to learn what they want to know with out going to school
  • encourage people to structure their home learning to reap some of the benefits of higher education with out the cost

To be honest this series is me airing my grievances with the institutions of higher learning, however I feel that there is some serious knowledge to be gleaned from my advice and may possibly help people who are on the fence about whether or not they want to go to college to become an artist (advice right here: if you need to go to college to be an artist you are missing the point of being an artist) musician (ditto) or designer (ditto).
One would be surprised at the number of times in university I was told to go and Google something, or to follow an online tutorial. In an era of unprecedented digital sharing, digital tools and online forums for personalized help for free, I have begun contemplating, what is the use of a formal education, if you already know what you want to learn?

This series will begin untangling this question and provide links and resources to those who wish to learn for free. Please add to the discussion using comments and add your personal experiences with going or not going to school to learn what you love.
One of the worst things you can do to yourself is use the excuse that you do not know how to do something or that you need equipment in order to learn your craft. Find a way to make what you love! Do not be afraid of making mistakes or doing it wrong. You may soon discover that what you have thought you were doing wrong is part of your style. I will end this first post in the series with this thought, “there is no substitution for passion and it cannot be taught”, and a challenge to every reader to make something that they do not know how to do, but want to learn.

The first self-education link of many is this one here for aspiring web designers. I just gave you something awesome, now go make something.

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