Amara Tabor Smith: Our Daily Bread

Amara Tabor Smith: Our Daily Bread (courtesy

You can’t escape politics in food. Maybe you’re lucky enough to make choices at the grocery store (organic vs. nonorganic, local vs. who-knows-where, processed vs. homemade). Maybe you subsist on delicious but deadly fast food offerings. From the American obesity epidemic to breakdown of natural ecological systems, there are undeniable issues with the way we acquire, process, and consume food.

Our Daily Bread is a series examining food and how we eat it. Dancer Amara Tabor-Smith, director Ellen Sebastian Chang and visual artist Lauren Elder have collaborated on a series about the change in eating habits in our modern life. How has fast food and famine, overproduction and environmental destruction, fundamentally altered the way we choose to feed our bodies? It’s a provocative look at the systems that aim to nourish us but can also break us down.

The series is presented by CounterPULSE, an events and arts space in SOMA. The first production is this Thursday, April 14, and it runs until April 24.

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