18 Reasons

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Food and art both have the capacity to make people feel part of a community. The Mission-based 18 Reasons (tagline: Art, Community, Food) believes this message wholeheartedly. From their “About”:

18 Reasons brings people together to deepen our relationship to food and each other. Through an innovative community center and thought provoking, fun programming, we inspire action and foster collaboration toward creating a just and sustainable food system.

18 Reasons (593 Guerrero) was started by Cliff Leonardi and Dan DiPasquo, locals who were looking to create a gallery space that took advantage of the strong food community blossoming around them. The project was helped by the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses (becoming a member gets you a free single scoop at Bi-Rite Creamery! Now if only it got you a “front-of-the-line-free-card”…).

Types of events hosted include food classes, film screenings and book clubs. If you’re looking to get introduced to the 18 Reasons community, check out plenty of upcoming events on their site.

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