I still remember last weekend!

Wondercon 2011

This was the first time ever that I’ve gotten a chance to make it to San Francisco’s comic convention since moving here.

I’ve been going to San Diego’s Comic Con for years and have been interested in checking out Wondercon at the Moscone Center South, April 1 to April 3. Although, to be honest Wondercon is nothing compared to the San Diego’s which is the original largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world!

But I’m so glad I got the chance to geek out and attend all 3 days here in San Francisco. It was fun, inspiring, and cute. I’ll definitely attend next year.

Wondercon is all about the endless costumes, fellow comic lovers, and special guests featured in spotlight panels… The greatest comic writers and artists alive today!

I tried to go to as many panels I could. Here’s a preview of the Wondercon trailer that was previewed during the “DC Icons” panel I attended on Sunday.

Friday and Saturday, I walked around with a few of my friends that came to visit from San Diego, also checking out the SF convention for the first time. We spent hours looking through comics, checking out the t-shirts, and seeing a myriad of people dressed up in costumes of all sorts.

video courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkDayComedy

The highlight panel of Sunday was a spotlight on Tony Daniel, Batman artist and writer. He spoke about his creative process of both writing and drawing a comic book.

“DC Icons” showcased DC Comics’ top heroes. Artists Tony Daniel and Amy Reeder lead a discussion on the latest Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman news.

During another session, “Drawing DC”, artists Francis Manapul, Amy Reeder, and Jeremy Love all drew on the “Elmo”, a machine that projected their work onto a giant screen. Quite an in your face glimpse of the artistic process!

To top it off, I ended the beautiful night at a great concert with Shigeto, Mount Kimbie, Matthew David, and Blackbird Blackbird at the Mezzanine.

– Rae

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