Experience the space…

Hey there, fellow Artlarkers.  Are there any dancers out there?  Have you all heard of how dance research is helpful to technology?

Well check it out — specifically, the 3½ minute mini-demo/performance (from 18:11 to 21:38) in this 30 minute clip by Kendra Shimmell-Lextant:

Clearly, Kendra is a happy mid-point between dancer and tech-nerd.  Granted her blend of choreography and human-computer interaction is housed within a community of design professionals–who are (still) not affiliated with Alvin Ailey, Apple, or the San Francisco Ballet–Kendra’s demo effectively spots the driving force behind “Look, Mom! No hands!” technology.

Dance improvisation is, broadly speaking, influencing how technology will develop to make ample use of space.  Although the audience participation starting at 29:30 can ring bells for postmodern dance choreography, the appeal of Kendra’s demo is that her responsive environment was developed through dance, including all of human movement, no matter how spontaneous, abstract, or choreographed.

For non-tweeters (no offense, Twitter), check out Kendra’s facial recognition demo from 22:30 to 22:50.

P.S. — be there or be square: Monday night, “Shades of Blues

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