Soil Kitchen concept art (by Dan Allende)

It’s easy to believe San Francisco is the epicenter of the current food revolution, but when I read the description of Soil Kitchen, a new art installation by the artist collective Futurefarmers in Philadelphia,  I knew we were missing out:

Soil Kitchen is a temporary, windmill-powered architectural intervention and multi-use space where citizens can enjoy free soup in exchange for soil samples from their neighborhood…. The windmill also serves as a sculptural invitation to imagine a potential green energy future and to participate in the material exchange of soil for soup – literally taking matters into one’s own hands.

At least we can take pride in the fact that the artist collective Furturefarmers is based here. Futurefarmers, founded in 1995, takes an innovative approach of design, art, community engagement and science as a form of cultural activism to express the environmental effects of globalization. Long story short, they make very cool things with a message.

Browsing their website, I was sucked in to project after project, down that internet wormhole that makes my browser sigh with too many open tabs: Farm Together Now, the book; Victory Gardens, an exhibit promoting the green use of public spaces in SF; This is Not a Trojan Horse, a traveling sculpture honoring a dying tradition in Italy.

I would advise checking out the Soil Kitchen exhibit if you happen to be in Philadelphia, but if you, like me, can’t make it, keep an eye out for future Futurefarmers projects.

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