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Elaine Reichek

Elaine Reichek is a conceptual feminist artist who uses embroidery, fabric, and knits within her artwork. She was featured in the book, “Contemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art.” She received B.F.A. in Yale and B.A. in Brooklyn College. She is now currently a New York Based Artist.

I choose to feature her this week because I’ve always been inspired and by the topics she expresses through her pieces. And I’m attracted to it’s bright color and rich texture.  Reichek uses mixed media materials such as mesh, organdy in various shades, colored silk threads. She also touches on art history, representation of social contexts, and world culture.

Her famous work:

Native Intelligence 1987-1992 Series

This series represents knit replica’s of natives’ homes. Here, knitting is a metaphor. To knit is to integrate, to unify, to bond, draw together, and heal.

In the public mind, knitting is generally known as a hobby rather than industry. Integrating knitting into contemporary works of art dispels the image of an old woman making a scarf at home.

As an artist, you’ve got to experiment with all materials possible to creates an original piece of art. All her work is done with her hands. It’s raw yet detailed. And took so many hours to make!  Reicheck’s use of textiles, yarn, needlework,  and embroidery has a masculine edge. The beauty and power of feminist art is amplified by it. And our concept of textile art is elevated as well.

Tierra Del Fuegians 1986-1987 Series

Dwellings 1982- 1983 Series

photos courtesy of

SF Street Fashion

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~ Rae

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