Disposable Film Fest Starts Today!

MovieMaker Magazine has called the Disposable Film Festival one of the US’  “coolest film festivals”, and I can’t help but agree.  The egalitarian, come-one-come-all mentality that surrounds the lo-fi showcase is perfectly up Artlarking’s alley.   The idea behind the fest is that the materials/technology a person has access to shouldn’t limit their ability to be creative.  Word up.

The fest started in San Francisco in 2007 by Eric Slatkin and Carlton Evans, and welcomes video captured with point-and-shoot digital cameras, webcams, cell phones, and all other non-traditional videography/filming devices.  It now screens in locations as far away as Macedonia and Beijing, Montreal and New York.

Tonight (3/24) is opening night at the Castro Theatre, and costs a mere $12.  Throughout the week you’ll find panel discussions, filmmaker interviews, workshops, and a concert/workshop with Pomplamoose, the indie duo that’s making a viable living through releasing “video songs” (it all began with their off-kilter version of Single Ladies)  They’re performing live Saturday along with a videosong making workshop.   Here’s a list of all the events this week.   If you’ve ever thought of becoming the next DePalma or Cameron, don’t miss out- here’s your foot in the door to the iPhone Oscars.

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