Night Market @ Public Works (Sat. 3/26/11)

SF Underground logo, via http://foragesf.comThere’s so much good food to be had here in the Bay, that’s for sure. Yet some of it can’t even be found in restaurants. You probably know someone who successfully homebrews, or makes an awesome lemon preserve, or bakes a mean cupcake. And unless you’re pals, how are you supposed to get your greasy little paws on some of that homecooked fare?

Forage SF gives these casual craftspeople the opportunity to show off their wares at their Underground Market, which you can check out this Saturday, 3/26 at Public Works (161 Erie Street).

The first wave of the event (from 11:00am to 4:00pm) will have more preserved goods, although food stalls will be there. The nighttime portion (6:00pm-2:00am) will have butchery workshops (sadly, already full), music, and a dancefloor. And seriously, take a look at this list of vendors and tell me your mouth isn’t watering.

It’s $5 for the morning and $10 at night–and you’ll need to complete the free registration on the SF Underground Market website.


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Kristina C. Mody lives in San Francisco. She likes to write, cook, and write about cooking, and gets to indulge in both over at Another Freaking Cooking Blog. She's a recovering English major, so is in the middle of three books at any given time. Her resolutions for 2011 are to bake a passable pie crust from scratch and improve her (admittedly wretched) bowling game.

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