SXSW Supernova

There’s a kind of hush…. all over the Bay this week… An emptiness of live sound when all the bands filter down through the no-mans land of central California, seep their way into Los Angeles, and percolate through the desert on their way to Austin. Every year the SXSW festival sucks any band with a name big enough to register sufficient gravitational pull into a music industry black hole. Who is left behind? Bands who may not have managers or marketing or major label deals but much talent and real heart. Now is the time to check out all those lesser-known acts; I encourage you to get out this week and go see some live music. Texas may have stolen our brightest stars for the time being, but there are always plenty more forming in the nebula.

Need some suggestions? Two good shows are coming up at the Bottom of the Hill: On Thursday March 17th, Dutch punk anarchists the Ex play with local free-jazz/noise ensemble Death Sentence Panda. Friday March 18th sees guitar heroine Marnie Stern paired with the psychedelic sounds of another local band, Outlaw.

If neither of these floats your boat, come out Saturday to Pop’s on 24th Street at York anytime after 10PM. I’ll be playing authentic Sixties garage, surf and psych records- rare cuts and classic tunes, all vinyl- along with my guest DJ Bryan Duran. The night is called Drop Out, it’s completely free, the drinks are cheap, and the dancing is fine.

Do you know of anything else going on? SXSW worthy?

— Jackie Sugarlumps

, via Wikimedia Commons”]

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