SFMoma Pop-up Magazine – How Wine Became Modern (Thurs. 3/17/11)

Image courtesy of SFMOMA: Etienne Meneau, Carafe No. 5

If you haven’t caught SFMoma‘s current exhibit How Wine Became Modern exhibit (closing 4/17/11), this Thursday, March 17 is the ideal opportunity. The museum is hosting a Sidebar version of their popular Pop-up Magazine monthly series.

Beginning at 6:00 pm, there will be a talk on “Food & Thought,” presented by Meatpaper Magazine and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Other events include a curator talk, a screening of Brian de Palma‘s Dionysus in 69 (his first film from 1970), and a record of the Performance Group and Richard Schechner‘s staging of The Bacchae. A perfect place to get your culture soaked in wine.  -Kristina

1 thought on “SFMoma Pop-up Magazine – How Wine Became Modern (Thurs. 3/17/11)

  1. Neil

    As the lucky owner of one of these amazing decanters (Carafe #4), let us tell you that it is fabulous piece of useable art. It does indeed look like blood in the coronary arteries, which is why we bought it-we’re both physicians. And yes, red wine is good for your coronary arteries. Cleaning it is actually simple, just be careful not to bang it against the sink and don’t let the wine dry inside. After dinner, we just rinse it out and hang it upside down to dry. As for insufficient surface area (mentioned by some critics) this is made up for by the increased aeration that occurs as you fill the decanter. Also, once the wine is below the first neck, the combined surface area of the remaining trunks is ample. So, we will drink to everyone’s health, and defend the artist. This decanter is amazing in every way. We have even taken it to restaurants to have wine poured into it for our pleasure and other diners always come over and tell us it pleases them as well. Neil & Susan


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