Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Art-Life-Mash-Up, Ferris Plock & Kelly Tunstall

Meet Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall. Two professional Artists, Animators, and Designers who combine efforts in their art, life, and marketing. I love the way they use the same website to for all of their work. They’ve shown individually in galleries all over San Francisco. And they’ve made art together, working on the same canvas. Oh, and they made a baby together too.

Tunstall’s work depicts women with starry eyes, big heads, and cute outfits. A fashion designer might steal some great concepts from the paintings. According to their website bio, “Tunstall’s studied portraits render stylized female figures, as well as their pets, prey, powers, and dreams.”

They go on to say, “In contrast, Plock’s work centers on the inner animalistic tendencies reflected in humans throughout the context of modern life.” Monstrous figures abound. The energy is definitely male, despite the ornate patterns that mimic ancient Japanese art. Samurai animals don sweet Converse shoes that I wish they actually made.

Family Tree, Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock

Their collaborative work is a special treat. Imaginations combine as do the dualities of their style. In their collaborative piece, Family Tree, a diamond eyed female figure stares out into the void as does a baby on her lap. Above looms Plock’s contribution, the smiling eyes of a lion (or some other fanged animal). Dressed in complicated geometric patterns, its kimono and its teeth are sharper and more defined than the soft center it protects, but just might devour!

Check it out-