Collaborative Spaces in SF #1: Noisebridge

Noisebridge, a “hackerspace” at 17th and Mission in SF, has a full kitchen, a classroom for hosting/taking classes, a computer lab, a crafting area… 5200 feet of “pure bizarre wonderfulness” (and it’s free and open source).  Long live public spaces and free and open discourse!

According to Noisebridge co-founder Mitch Altman, “A hackerspace is a physical space where people come into a community to make things…. We have one rule and one rule only, and that is ‘Be Excellent to One Another’. By putting a lot of diverse people on projects that they love doing, which is what hackerspaces are all about, we’re putting out this beautiful noise into society and learning a lot about ourselves, society and helping one another, helping our community along the way”.

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