Artlarking is Looking for Creative Directors!


Artlarking Multimedia is looking for  ambitious and talented Bay Area creatives to join our team of Intern Creative Directors. Positions are available beginning in early February and will last for a minimum of three months, with a good possibility of future contract work.

Intern Positions available:

  1. ●      Fashion/Jewelry Design Director
  2. ●      Culinary Arts Director
  3. ●      Film/Video Director
  4. ●      Music Director
  5. ●      Writing/Spoken Word Director
  6. ●      Dance Director – FILLED
  7. ●      Visual Art Director- FILLED

*Even if your desired field is filled, please do apply if you think you are awesome. We’ll create Director Teams if the candidates are a great fit.

The Artlarking Internship is a unique opportunity to gain solid professional experience and build a portfolio of accomplishments with a start-up multimedia company. Our interns are given the opportunity to work independently and think creatively.

Basic Facts:


  • Minimum of a 3 month commitment for this unpaid internship,. 4-8 hours/week
  • Best for freelance writers interested in the arts, curatorial, aspiring guerrilla publicists, recent college graduates, and artists in a specific field looking for arts programming and blogging experience.
  • Project-based remote internship with biweekly meetings in San Francisco
  • Initial development of plan and 5 goals to accomplish by the end of internship.



  • Strong writing skills (photography/video skills a plus)
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about current events and topics in your area of expertise
  • Good team player and reliable communicator
  • Access to a computer/internet
  • Curatorial, Event Production, or Booking experience is a plus.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Blog once weekly on the Artlarking Blog about exciting happenings in your area of specialization.
  • Update social media (Tweet/Facebook Status Post) once a day about Artlarking or arts related topics and events.
  • Act as curator and producer in your field for upcoming Artlarking Shows.
  • Final assignment is to create a blog that catalogs your accomplishments

What You’ll Get

  • Valuable experience in the planning and production of multimedia art shows.
  • Writing experience, publishing as an emerging voice for collaborative arts.
  • Ability to show off your art and your knowledge to a dynamic and growing community of like-minded people.
  • Lots of potential for growth in a new start-up company.
  • Comprehensive training in Social Media Marketing specifically designed for artists. It’s all about getting the artists voice heard.

To apply, send an email to and tell us why you’d be a great fit for your desired position.  Attach a resume and short writing sample.

  • Artlarking has produced 7 multimedia showcases since our inception in late 2009.  Collaboration has been a key focus of our shows, and we’ve highlighted exciting visual arts demonstrations and exhibitions, diverse musical acts, architectural installations, dance performances, fashion shows, theatrics, film screenings, capoeira demonstrations, culinary artists, and DJs. Our shows are often sold out events at popular galleries, clubs, and theatres in San Francisco.
  • In July 2010 we launched a test version of, a prototype of our social network for creative people of all kinds.  We are currently in the process of developing the site to act as a “Classifieds for Creative People” with multimedia and social media capabilities. No site has the breadth of arts available with social media based on artist to artists collaboration. We are poised to create a breakthrough technology and a community based on art and collaboration.




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