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Monster’s Ball is Tomorrow!


Looking forward to a great party tomorrow night at the Sub with all of you!  

Get there early!  We just added a band onto the lineup- talented buskers Mad Noise out of Oakland.   They’ll go on about 8:30 and rock your socks off.

Next, check out Mythological Sculptures by Mannette and Lauren Chanel Cobb. followed by

A collaborative dance/video/painting piece by Hilary Palanza and Alison Dale.

After that we’ll head into the deep depths of Dj Purple’s Karaoke for the rest of the evening, so rest those lungs up and be prepared to belt out some Monsters of Rock.  

We’ll be stopping the madness for a Costume Contest of monstrous proportions at 10 pm- come dressed as your classiest inner monster to win Prizes!


Artlarking’s Monster Costume Karaoke Ball

Friday, October 22  8pm-2am@ The Sub- 199 Capp Street (at 17th)

Electronic DJs + Chamber Music=Mercury Soul Tonight @ 111 Minna

I was going to write a post about this rad-sounding event, but hear it direct from the horses mouth (my friend Autumn’s roommate, drummer Andy Meyerson, who’s part of the Chamber ensemble):

Mercury Soul is a series founded by Mason Bates, who is one of the most important young composers right now (he’s the composer-in-residence for the Chicago Symphony, among a ton of other important things).  He’s also a dj, and spins hecka phat beatz as DJ Masonic.  He set up this concert series to merge these two seemingly divergent interests and get young, beautiful, intelligent kids like yourselves to hear classical chamber music.  And have it be, like “hip” and shit.

If you enjoy electronic music, classical chamber music, drumming, or events that try really hard to be too cool for school, this is the concert for you.

The concert is at 111 Minna, starting at 5:00.  DJ Masonic spins for like a half hour, then plays an interlude he composed for dj + chamber ensemble, then the chamber group plays something.  There are four sets….the whole thing should be super cool.

3 Collaborative Art Couples – Mission Loc@l

3 Collaborative Art Couples – Mission Loc@l

As I begin to plan some video collaboration with my boyfriend for his band Automae’s new album, I chanced upon this article from Mission Loc@l from last December. Coincidentally enough, I went to high school in New Mexico with Crockett, the male half of the artistic duo SCUBA.  I’d love to know of more experiences of semi-permanent collaborators, whether it be best friends or couples or whatever… comment if you’re one or know of any!  -Alison

Monster’s Ball @ The SUB!

Mark your calendars! Friday, October 22 is Artlarking’s next show: Monster’s Ball @ The SUB! October and the change in seasons has brought with it a certain amount of monstrosity. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed people all around me shifting into a mode of dissatisfaction with their current state of affairs, itching in their skin, feeling restless. Let’s use Monster’s Ball to get that energy out of us- dance it out, sing it out, shake it out, growl it out! Embrace the monster in you 🙂 Look forward to Monster Art, a Monster Dance Performance, a wild dance party, and live sax-backed karaoke by DJ Purple. It’ll be a graveyard smash. For sure. Dress in your finest monster or formal attire (preferably both: there will be a “Classy Monster Costume Contest”. $5 for those in costume, $10 for street clothes. The SUB is located at 17th and Capp in San Francisco. Party starts at 8. Hope to see you there!

I love site-specific performance- out of the theater and onto the streets.  Saturday and Sunday, Oct 16-17 is San Francisco’s Trolley Dance- ride MUNI (the N Judah) for it’s regular 2 dollar cost between 11am and 2:45pm on either day, and see installation-transportation-based dance performance.  – Alison