The Horizon

There are so many art co-ops popping up everywhere right now. The main difference I see, compared to the past, is that when they start they seem a little more legitimate and professional. This may be because of social media and the web. An organization can set up a substantial local presence quickly and mobilize their community through Facebook, Twitter, and their email list.

But there may be something else happening as well. Young people (and old) are recognizing their ability to create substantial movements. What was once underground is coming to the forefront of media and society.

With the economy like it is, people have more time. Many full-time jobs became part-time or nonexistent.  Anyone actually creating something right now is legitimate. And those creating a real community really have something to offer. Co-ops, clubs, and communities are organizing around common interests and goals. Social Media platforms like Facebook have trained us to join on-line groups that stand for something we value. Now our brains are wired to join groups. This has set us up to more easily join a live group or meet-up and create something real!

I’m very excited about all the new organizations popping up with similar visions. And I think we can all work together to achieve our goals and visions for a better world. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome idea and along comes another person who says they had the same idea. That just means it’s probably a great idea and that there is a need for it in the world.

So I think working together with similar organizations can really show you, and others, what you’re organization is all about. You can then make decisions that really define your organization, and give people what they need. What you give will be what you’re best at. Your niche. Your talent. 

 Art is a great realm to work in. This is where all the new ideas emerge. But art is the way we live our lives. It is community, it is sharing. This is the traditional role of art and the vision of Artlarking. Using our creativity to increase our standard of living, our modes of communication, and our shared experiences.

We hope to contribute the vision and creation of the world to come. We want to create easy ways for people to bring the networking that started online into th real world. We want to put the power to organize in everyone’s hands. A new way of being, networking, and seeing. And the combined power of the various arts will inspire us and show us the way.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Imagine it now in every way you can. Then work to share that story with others. They probably have similar desires and will jump on board!


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