We Called, You Responded!

What’s it all about? Collaboration. When different art forms are put in the same space or even combined, they become greater than they are alone. The latest Artlarking Event at El Rio was proof of this. 

We had the best Capoiera performance I’d ever seen. I heard others say the same about Omulu’s acrobatics. We had tarot readings, polaroid transfer demos, and lithography demos, keeping true to our mission of enlightenment and arts education.

And the collaborative performance  of electronic music master Edison, photo slide show by Alex Greenburg, and dance by Palanza Dance created a bermuda triangle effect. Everyone was in a state of trance as the artists responded to each others calls. Taking action, pausing, listening, then reacting. They did the CAll & Response theme justice.

Then the indie afro-beat antics of The Buttercream Gang sent us rompusing into the night.

If you missed it, I’m sorry. But you can still vicariously indulge in this video! 


Artlarking.com “Call and Response Show” from Tadeo Reyes on Vimeo.

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