A Revolution is a Circle


Thanks for coming out to the Call and Response show at El Rio Thursday night!  It was such a powerful, inspiring group of people in a great space.  I had a blast… hope you did too.  Thanks to the bands, capoeiristas, dancers, musicians, artists for making people smile and think and move.  

Thanks so much to everyone for being the beginning of Artlarking- Let’s start collaborating on groundbreaking ideas and work and start something big.  

A little anecdote:

I was just walking down Valencia Street and there was a guy in front of the Social Security building playing guitar and singing.  It sounded good, so I stopped to listen- great voice, interesting lyrics, confidence.  Soon after, though, a woman with a megaphone and a nasal voice came down the street yelling “We need a revolution!”  ”We need a revolution!”, trying to start a call and response with the pedestrians who weren’t accepting her anti-war flyers.   It was a sound conflict— the guy kept playing

and the woman kept yelling. 


 I thought to myself, ‘this lone muscian is way more revolutionary than the woman with the megaphone and her marching crew will ever be.  Through self expression, positive communication with people, and living out your passion out beyond your cerebral cortex- whether it be doing art, music, healing arts, food, writing, dance, film, martial arts, or anything else- revolutions and movement(s) happen.  Because people will want to listen.

If your message comes from a place of anti-war, anti-government, anti-capitalism, anti- anything, it is anti and always will breed more ANTI.. We are perpetually hearing more and more about travesties happening through the world- No News is Good News- and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  But though the arts may represent a dissatisfaction with a state of existence as well as traditional “anti-” activism, art does it in a way that people can’t help but want to listen to/see/taste/touch.   

Through Artlarking I hope to at least inspire people to be fearless in their passions, in what they see as GOOD- to share it, to create what they hope to see around themselves, and to step up to the challenge that humanity is faced with right now.  

I feel so much warmth from the community that’s forming already… thank you. 

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