Meow Wolf

So I normally want to use this blog to focus on local Bay Area collaborations, but I just woke up to an email from my mom describing a multimedia collaborative event (above photo) that she attended in Santa Fe, NM where I grew up.  Santa Fe is an artsy place, but normally errs on the side of the turquoise-howlingcoyote-desertscene.  Of course there are tons of brilliant artists living there, but music/theatre/dance tend to be a bit lacking.  So I was excited to hear about Meow Wolf, an arts collective started in part by a guy I went to high school with, Quinn Tincher. 

Meow Wolf is housed in a 2000 sq foot warehouse that is literally recreated every few months with different massive collaborative installations.  Members also host individually curated shows on the other side of the warehouse.  The collective’s member’s range from sculptors to directors to interactive media designers to dancers to musicians.  Meow Wolf is here ”to foster diversity and encourage the birth of new ideas”.   

The concept that brignt new ideas spring from diverse collaborations and creations is right on par with Artlarking’s mission.    An article in the Santa Fe Reporter (8.12.09) puts one of their artists’ visions nicely:

Poet and installation artist Vito Acconci states that he likes to work in a group because it takes at least three people to have an idea suitable for the public. In this spirit, you will not find titles of individual works or a list of individual artists, and it is exactly this pack mentality that gives the exhibition its strength. The prize here is the energy invested and the confluence of so many minds working together to achieve a sustained pitch that is as overwrought as it is resplendent.

Awesome, Santa Fe.

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