Awakened Creativity with Anna Fizyta

(Polaroid Transfer by Anna Fizyta).

This Thursday July 29, Artlarking’s Call and Response Show will feature POLAROID TRANSFER demos by my neighbor and local artist Anna Fizyta.  Come out and see how she does it, and maybe try it yourself!

Anna’s a super-inspired person looking to help awaken latent creativity and spontaneous happiness in all people.  Combining her love for art with her career as a transpersonal psychotherapist, she has recently started hosting a workshop called “Awakened Creativity”, which I had the pleasure in participating in last weekend.

The workshop, ” Awakening Your Creative Spirit”, included a group painting focused on transcending ego, a guided meditation that led us to find our “creative spirit” (in animal, human, or other form), a journaling session, and a collage session leading us to collectively and personally get in touch with an inner creative source.  I highly recommend Anna’s workshop to anyone who needs a little push toward a goal of creativity in their daily life.  Talk to her more about this and her awesome Polaroid art at Call and Response at El Rio on Thursday! 

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