TIny Inventions

Last Thursday night, SF’s Kokoro Studio hosted an animation screening and tiny-set/prop showing of the newest collaborative work by Brooklyn artists Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter. Ru and Max have been working together on incredible mixed-media animations since 2007 under the company name Tiny Inventions, and their latest 10 minute animated dark comedy about a “vacationing couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac killer” is definitely a labor of love. The husband and wife team met working at other design firms and joined forces with TIny Inventions. Together they create the characters, sets, and props, do stop motion photography, video, and post production all within their Brooklyn apartment. Each person has their specialty- Ru focuses more on creating the characters, while Max is the main photographer, but the storyboarding, ideas, and execution are done as a team. At a Q and A after the screening, I asked Ru and Max what the most difficult thing is about doing collaborative works. They paused to think for a brief moment, and then Ru answered simply: “Lunch”. Lunch? Max agreed. Apparently the couple enjoys working together so much, the biggest problem they face on a daily basis is where to get take-out. Check out their work to see the intricate, adorable, fruits of their great connection.

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