JOIN the movement. BREAK barriers. MAKE something happen. is now up and running as a collaborative social networking site for all you creative people out there.  Make a profile, join groups, call for artistic collaborations, and get seen at live events!

To date, we’ve produced 5 super fun multimedia shows at bars and warehouses in San Francisco and Oakland.  Through the process we’ve met countless mind-bogglingly talented artists, from dancers to collagers to cooks to architects to fashion designers to bands.  This is what we love doing, and it’s only just begun!  

This blog is a place for us Artlarking curators and our special guests to highlight amazing collaborations we see in our daily jaunts through the city and beyond.  A place of collaboration-inspiration, if you will. 

We aim for Artlarking to foster the mentality that everyone’s got something to create and to share with the world, and often times, two heads are better than one.  Three heads are better than two.  Four heads are better than… well, you get the idea.  We believe that when people overcome their egos and come together to learn and educate and collaborate, good ideas can become great ideas.  This blog highlights those who are doing just that in the Bay Area and beyond.  Thanks for reading!

xoxo Alison, Don, Hilary, and Doug

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