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A Revolution is a Circle


Thanks for coming out to the Call and Response show at El Rio Thursday night!  It was such a powerful, inspiring group of people in a great space.  I had a blast… hope you did too.  Thanks to the bands, capoeiristas, dancers, musicians, artists for making people smile and think and move.  

Thanks so much to everyone for being the beginning of Artlarking- Let’s start collaborating on groundbreaking ideas and work and start something big.  

A little anecdote:

I was just walking down Valencia Street and there was a guy in front of the Social Security building playing guitar and singing.  It sounded good, so I stopped to listen- great voice, interesting lyrics, confidence.  Soon after, though, a woman with a megaphone and a nasal voice came down the street yelling “We need a revolution!”  ”We need a revolution!”, trying to start a call and response with the pedestrians who weren’t accepting her anti-war flyers.   It was a sound conflict— the guy kept playing

and the woman kept yelling. 


 I thought to myself, ‘this lone muscian is way more revolutionary than the woman with the megaphone and her marching crew will ever be.  Through self expression, positive communication with people, and living out your passion out beyond your cerebral cortex- whether it be doing art, music, healing arts, food, writing, dance, film, martial arts, or anything else- revolutions and movement(s) happen.  Because people will want to listen.

If your message comes from a place of anti-war, anti-government, anti-capitalism, anti- anything, it is anti and always will breed more ANTI.. We are perpetually hearing more and more about travesties happening through the world- No News is Good News- and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  But though the arts may represent a dissatisfaction with a state of existence as well as traditional “anti-” activism, art does it in a way that people can’t help but want to listen to/see/taste/touch.   

Through Artlarking I hope to at least inspire people to be fearless in their passions, in what they see as GOOD- to share it, to create what they hope to see around themselves, and to step up to the challenge that humanity is faced with right now.  

I feel so much warmth from the community that’s forming already… thank you. 

Improv Collaborations at El Rio Tomorrow!

The collaborative portion of our Call and Response show tomorrow night will feature an improv piece with three veteran Artlarkers- Palanza Dance Company, beats-creator Edison, and photographer Alex Greenberg.  A first-time-ever unique spectacle for your visual and aural pleasure… then stick around for capoeira performances, art demos, tarot readings, street food, and local bands Rival Parties and Buttercream Gang!

Edison + Alex Greenberg + Palanza Dance = artlarkers in action

(edison’s ‘blue and yellow’)

Awakened Creativity with Anna Fizyta

(Polaroid Transfer by Anna Fizyta).

This Thursday July 29, Artlarking’s Call and Response Show will feature POLAROID TRANSFER demos by my neighbor and local artist Anna Fizyta.  Come out and see how she does it, and maybe try it yourself!

Anna’s a super-inspired person looking to help awaken latent creativity and spontaneous happiness in all people.  Combining her love for art with her career as a transpersonal psychotherapist, she has recently started hosting a workshop called “Awakened Creativity”, which I had the pleasure in participating in last weekend.

The workshop, ” Awakening Your Creative Spirit”, included a group painting focused on transcending ego, a guided meditation that led us to find our “creative spirit” (in animal, human, or other form), a journaling session, and a collage session leading us to collectively and personally get in touch with an inner creative source.  I highly recommend Anna’s workshop to anyone who needs a little push toward a goal of creativity in their daily life.  Talk to her more about this and her awesome Polaroid art at Call and Response at El Rio on Thursday! 

Meow Wolf

So I normally want to use this blog to focus on local Bay Area collaborations, but I just woke up to an email from my mom describing a multimedia collaborative event (above photo) that she attended in Santa Fe, NM where I grew up.  Santa Fe is an artsy place, but normally errs on the side of the turquoise-howlingcoyote-desertscene.  Of course there are tons of brilliant artists living there, but music/theatre/dance tend to be a bit lacking.  So I was excited to hear about Meow Wolf, an arts collective started in part by a guy I went to high school with, Quinn Tincher. 

Meow Wolf is housed in a 2000 sq foot warehouse that is literally recreated every few months with different massive collaborative installations.  Members also host individually curated shows on the other side of the warehouse.  The collective’s member’s range from sculptors to directors to interactive media designers to dancers to musicians.  Meow Wolf is here ”to foster diversity and encourage the birth of new ideas”.   

The concept that brignt new ideas spring from diverse collaborations and creations is right on par with Artlarking’s mission.    An article in the Santa Fe Reporter (8.12.09) puts one of their artists’ visions nicely:

Poet and installation artist Vito Acconci states that he likes to work in a group because it takes at least three people to have an idea suitable for the public. In this spirit, you will not find titles of individual works or a list of individual artists, and it is exactly this pack mentality that gives the exhibition its strength. The prize here is the energy invested and the confluence of so many minds working together to achieve a sustained pitch that is as overwrought as it is resplendent.

Awesome, Santa Fe.